Benchmark your fleets

What's inside?
Ship data are the heart of the KPI system. With a solid understanding of each PI, users can add data for each of their ships, allowing them to get ship reports and benchmark ships and fleets.

The Shipping-KPI system provides an easy way for users to benchmark and compare their fleets with the rest of the industry or specific subsets. You can view your performance over the last quarters and export charts for offline use.



You can compare your fleets or specific ships against the whole industry or a subset of the industry that you define. Compare against fleets based on the ship type, trading areas, flag, DWT range and more.

We take confidentiality very seriously and therefore all statistical information remain anonymous. We do not publicize any information that could expose the company and its ships. Statistical data are only shown if they come from multiple accounts.

Drill Down

With the easy-to-use benchmark interface you can drill down on your fleets benchmark data, from whole fleets down to KPIs on individual ships so that you can easily identify problems.


You can break down benchmark data even further with advanced filters like Class Society, ISM Auditor, ISM Issuer, Country built, Trading Areas and more.


The trend data view allows you to view a comparison between your fleet or ships and other fleets over all quarters, the whole industry or specific fleets using the filters above. The graph that is produced assists in having a quick view of how well or bad the ship is performing against other ships. Trend can be calculated for both SPIs and KPIs.

Download Data

Export data in CSV format and process them in Excel or export a graphical representation of your ships' performance displayed in different types of graphs. You can download the charts in PNG image format and three sizes are available; small, large and HD.

PDF Reports

Download nicely formatted tailor-made PDF reports by choosing the data you need to be visible in the report (e.g specific KPIs or SPIs). Create reports that refer particularly to a topic or a general report that refers to the whole image of a ship. You can also choose between the ships or download a report for all them together in one PDF file!

Changing fleets

Compare your ships against the industry and use up to 5 different fleets with different comparison criteria. Users are not able to benchmark their ships with the industry if the total number of ships to be benchmarked are less than 10.