Integrate your System with the Shipping KPI

What's inside?

The Shipping-KPI Application Programming Interface (API) allows third party developers to incorporate Shipping-KPI data with their applications. Integrating your applications with the Shipping-KPI using our API, gives your own internal applications the ability to submit ship's data automatically as well as consuming any statistics you currently have the ability to perform on the benchmark page. In short, you can make submission of ships as simple as clicking a button, and view on your own company system the information that really matter to you. You can integrate from a number of platforms including websites, desktop and mobile applications.

An application implementing the Shipping KPI API can cater for various types of users and purposes, including: Ship managers and owners who can upload data and benchmark their fleets against the industry, Researchers who can view data about the shipping industry and the effects of various factors, Journalists who can view general shipping industry data.


Promote your KPIs on your company's website

Use our API to represent your KPI data either graphically or tabular comparing your company to the rest of the industry. This will give potential customers a quick overview of where you rank among other similar companies.

Promote the efficiency and performance results of the ships you manage or own. Uplift the reputation of your company and earn new customers while at the same time enhancing trust relationships between you and your existing customers by showing the importance of continuous development and care.

View and match KPIs in your in-house Business Intelligence

Use the Shipping KPI API to download your company's KPIs and benchmarks and directly display them in your own system. Integrate reports and statistical data with your own data.

Upload ship data automatically

Integrate your applications with the Shipping KPI and automatically have your data uploaded from your preferred platform. Instead of manually filling out information for every ship, you can easily upload that information directly to the Shipping KPI.

Get breakdown data

Get benchmark data for a specific fleet on a specific quarter broken down by a given ship attribute parameter. Get an insight of the performance of your ships on each SPI and compare to other industry fleets.

Get trend data

Get the trend of a specific ship or fleet overtime to allow you to understand the development of your ship/fleet and if understand if changes made in the management of the ship have improved its performance on specific SPIs/KPIs/PIs.

Analyze on any device

You can integrate your applications with the Shipping KPI and easily manipulate your data ubiquitously. The API gives you the convenience of accessing your data from a platform of your interest either this is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Get ship information

Get all ships from a specific quarter and specific fleet with all their corresponding details if available. You can further filter the results to be shown for each ship for instance, you can specify the number of ships to be returned or any particular ship attributes, e.g. to show all ships who are of type 'tanker'.

Developer Documentation

Once you become a third party vendor you will gain access to our developers' page which contains a lot of information on how to use the API, general principles, list of all API calls and sample API calls. If you would like to gain access to the Shipping-KPI API, please contact us through the feedback page.