Measure your fleets against the KPI Standard

What's inside?

The Shipping KPI offers to the users the capability of inserting information about the performance of their ships and getting back a visual representation of how well or not the performance of a ship was for a specific time period. Users can maintain a history of their performance data and later compare their older entries to their most recent or with other anonymous data provided by similar companies.


Enter ship data manually

Users can manually enter ship PI data for each ship. This is an easy procedure as the user is notified if the data inserted is wrong or values are out of range. There is also the option to review any wrong values in order to minimize the possibility of false data calculations.

Bulk import ship data

Data entry can be faster and more convenient as users can alternatively use the CSV file importer. With this handy feature they can import multiple ships at a time and view their performance right away.

Add a Ship

Easily add a new ship by specifying its name, IMO number and the Quarter and Business Unit in which it belongs.

Ship details

View the most important details of a specific ship. Convenient editing of the name and Business Unit of the ship.

Single ship

After data is added to the system, users can visualize each ship's performance in multiple ways, allowing them to clearly see for which areas each ship is performing well or not. This is achieved with the color representation of each KPI for each ship. Users can therefore easily spot any problems in specific areas for a single ship.

Multiple ships

Users can have an overview of their ships in all Business Units (BUs) for a given quarter or a detailed view of each ship, showing the performance of each ship down to specific KPIs detail level. By identifying which ships are performing better than others, owners and managers can make informed decisions on how they could improve their fleets.

Process Data Issues

False data values or calculation issues are displayed and are available for review.


Search for ships recorded in the Shipping KPI based on their name or IMO number.

PDF Reports

PDF reports can be produced for each ship (or all ships) to be used for analytical or representational purposes. The reports are customizable, meaning that the users have the option, based on parameters, to select which information is included in the report output.

Download Charts

Download the ring chart for a single ship in various formats; PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG.

Extra actions

Additional functional areas include; exporting ship information, importing new ships instead of manually inserting data for each one, requesting access to different ships and given different roles for each by the administrator and finally producing a PDF report.

For each ship you can directly navigate to the benchmark page and compare it with other industry ships of similar type. The comparison can be more specific to your ships by specifying different benchmarking criteria e.g. All Tanker Ships from Quarter 1-2014 to Quarter 1-2015.