Questions about Account Management

  1. What is an account?
  2. What can an account manager do?
  3. What is a strategic business unit used for?
  4. Where can I define my business units?


  1. What is an account?

    In Shipping KPI System accounts represent companies, ie. shipowner, ship managers or other maritime related corporations.  Accounts represent a core organisational concept for Shipping KPI System:

    • each user belongs to exactly one account
    • ship related data is stored by account (the so called owning account)
    • individual ship data can only be accessed by users of the owning account
    • each account has at least one account manager as central point of contact

  2. What can an account manager do?

    Your account manager is your central contact for questions and other topics related to Shipping KPI System. In order for the account manager to do so, some additional functionality will be made available:

    • creating new users associated to the account
    • updating the user's profile (including news subscription and password)
    • temporarily blocking a user
    • reviewing the login history of a user
    • creating new business units
    • specify KPI targets
    • specify ranking criteria

  3. What is a strategic business unit used for?

    The strategic business unit (BU) is a central concept in the definitions of performance indicators. 

    Most PIs are measured by ship, but a few can only be measured for whole fleets, for example the PI017 'number of cadets employed'. Such a fleet is defined by the organisational structure of the ship manager, called strategic business unit. The definition documentation of each PI specifies, if that PI is defined by ship or by BU.

    Over and above the consequences for measuring performance, Shipping KPI System uses the BU to restrict access of ships to users. If BUs are defined for an account, then the account manager can assign one or several BUs to a user and the user will only have access to individual ship data of these BUs.

    Finally, Shipping KPI System can display in the benchmark a breakdown by BUs for the selected SPI and KPI utilising the same information.

  4. Where can I define my business units?

    Next to creating users, the definition of business units is one of the most important tasks of the account manager. 

    The usage of business units is optional. In the beginning when an account is created, that account will work without business units and in effect the whole company will form one unit.

    Same as the users the business units are defined in 'My company' menu. Simply enter a name for a business unit in the text field. As soon as you hit return a new field is added and further BUs can be created.